Ready to Power Up Your Property With Solar?

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The sun graces our planet with abundant energy-energy that can be collected and transformed into electricity. Solar energy is environmentally friendly and will save you a lot on your utility bills. If you're tired of overpaying for electricity, it's time to call Solar South LLC.

We provide solar panels for businesses, farms, ranches and government facilities all over the Jackson, Magee, McComb & Hattiesburg, MS area. After a consultation and assessment, our crew can get to work providing you with a solar energy system that will pay for itself over time.

Contact us when you're ready to install agricultural, governmental or commercial solar panels. Call today to explore the many benefits of solar energy.

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Our goal is to help you save money

Solar South has always been dedicated to helping our clients save money on their electric bills. As one of the highest operating costs that any organization faces, getting that electric bill every month can be a source of stress. When you go solar, you can plow those energy savings back into your operation.
Spend less on electricity and more on your business. Contact a local solar energy company now to discuss government, business or agricultural solar solutions.

Everyone can take advantage of solar power

Wherever the sun shines, you can collect its power for your own use. Solar South serves a wide variety of clients throughout the area. We offer:

Interested in going solar? Choose an experienced solar energy company that knows where to install the panels and how to make sure your system operates efficiently.

Savings from solar power chicken houses 'like giving the farmer a raise'

By Becky Gillette, Mississippi Business Journal

Even small poultry farms with only four chicken houses can have power bills ranging from $20,000 to $25,000 per year. A game changer that can help chicken growers greatly reduce that annual electricity bill is solar panels [...]