Reduce the Cost of Electricity at Your Government Facility

With Solar South LLC, learn how you can use solar power for government buildings in Jackson, Hattiesburg, McComb & Laurel, MS

If you're in charge of a school, utility or other governmental facility, you know how expensive electricity can be. But when you choose solar power for government buildings, you can drastically reduce your electric bill. Hire Solar South LLC to equip your government facility with a solar power system.

We have the tools and skills needed to create and install a solar panel system on your building. We've installed countless systems throughout the Jackson, McComb, Laurel & Hattiesburg, MS area, resulting in electricity savings from day one of operation.

Power up your buildings with environmentally friendly solar power. Call us today to find out about revamping the way you get your power.

Things to consider when going solar

Going with solar power for government buildings can be a major change, but our crew makes it easy and affordable. Consider these benefits:

Financial incentives

Most areas offer tax credits for installing solar panels.

Easy installation

Whether you need rooftop or ground-level panels, we can take care of it.

System monitoring

You'll always know how much power you've collected and used.

Reduce your electric bill at the government facility you're in charge of. Call now to discuss your solar panel options with our staff.

solar panels on a metal roof