Government Solar Solutions

Work with Solar South for your next government project.

Our solar professionals have designed and built solar solutions for government municipalities that can eliminate or dramatically reduce your electric bill from day one. With a dedicated staff experienced in designing and installing solar systems for schools, prisons, water associations and water treatment facilities, you can rely on Solar South to be the renewable energy partner you can count on.

Things to consider:

Financial Incentives: All Energy Solar is here to help and provide clarity into the specific financial incentives associated with your location. Taking advantage of depreciation and tax credits plays a vital role in the return on your investment.

Type of Installation: Whether its a flat, metal or shingle roof, or a creative system design, Solar South has the ability to meet your needs.

Ongoing System Monitoring: There is no better way to secure your return on investment than through online solar monitoring. Solar South monitors and tracks your system ensuring your expected energy production.

Project Management: From the initial appointment to project completion, our team of renewable energy experts and industry professionals handle all aspects of the project.

Communication goes a long way. We pride ourself on giving honest and timely updates, keeping our customers aware of every step along the way. Contact Us today to learn more.